We are the best and original Jain Shikanji

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We are the best and original Jain Shikanji

Shikanji, in Hindi or a lemonade spiked with flavourful flavors, for example, simmered cumin, amchur, and dark salt, is a social pearl. An inconceivably invigorating and cooling drink, it has many limited forms however is particularly mainstream in India where one can regularly spot wheelbarrows with goliath dirt matkas in the city, selling the chilled drink decorated with mint leaves and boondi.

The frosty cold lemonade is additionally sold by road vendors who actually utilize old-world shikanji machines — tall barrel-shaped vessels, regularly enclosed by red cotton fabric. Inside the vessel lies a steel container loaded up with the zest imbued drink that is encircled by layers of salted squashed ice.

Utilizing the handle of the container’s firmly closed top, the merchant energetically shakes the container around the vessel, causing the Jain Shikanji to chill off nearly to the edge of freezing over. He at that point serves it with a new crush of lemon and a sprinkling of new mint leaves!

We always feel proud to introduce the taste of the Original Jain ShikanjiJain Shikanji Modinagar makes sure to deliver the best Shikanji taste to our customers. What is great about this Shikanji is, Jain Shikanji not only offering the best taste but also the healthiest drinking option. Come and join Better taste also which is going to impact your health in a very positive way.

Why go for something unhealthy, or less fresh taste when you have the best flavor available with us. Jain Shikanji Modinagar also serves the paneer pakora, which is delicious in taste.

Jain Shikanji serves in various locations with their Original Jain Shikanji Flavours.


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Original Jain Shikanji is more than 40 years of age and spends significant time in a Jain Shikanji masala. They additionally offer Jaljeera and Khus Sherbet. Shikanji producers were working in a craze making 4-5 glasses all at once. Here’s the interaction, some ice solid shapes (you may request that not utilize any), masala, newly pressed lemon squeeze, and sugar syrup. This blended in with a soft drink poured from a jug opened with a boisterous pop. As I took a taste, I appreciated the ideal blend of every fixing, dominated throughout the long stretches of serving. The beverage was invigorating and delightful. The 250 ml amount guaranteed my thirst was extinguished totally.

Curiously, the wide range of various adjoining shops offering Shikanji vacant while Jain’s were doing energetic business. This is regardless of different shops likewise offering shikanji produced using Jain Shikanji masala purchased by them !!! This is client reliability worked more than 40 years of being in the same line of business and dominating it.

A spot energetically prescribed for anybody crossing Modinagar to appreciate a sweet and tart beverage, particularly during summers.

So next time you are craving something cold and refreshing, skip the other unhealthy option and choose The Best Original Jain Shikanji.  And try the essentially Jain shikanji a drink that has millions of cherished memories and a centuries-old culture behind it!

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