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When life gives you lemons, make lemonade; with such conviction, Jain Shikanji has been serving as long as 83

years. Estd. 1937, The Original Jain Shikanji, the patrimony of the Jain Family has been at a prominent position of

Traditional Indian Jain Shikanji.They value the Quality and Taste of their Jain Shikanji.

The flavorsome Lemon Drinks are exceptionally notable across Delhi, Gurgaon, Meerut, Roorkee, and a few different cities. The drink is revitalizing and energizing, yet additionally, they offer a preferred option in contrast to nibbling

over the conventional and customary big names like Coke, Pepsi, or other soft drinks.

Jain Shikanji is made with the freshest lemons and uses great quality masala which gives it, its iconic delicious taste.

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Through thorough tender loving care, they have kept up their shikanji’s taste over a range of 83 years and then some. Its especially hygienic and homemade flavor makes it a significant drink to have.

The renowned lemon shikanji company endeavor to be a noteworthy supporter of our local area. Relish theTangy

Zesty Sweet and Sour Jain Shikanji and experience happiness! They continue to add new plans to the rundown of drinks they offer, so carry on to check with them frequently to get Jain Shikanji’s recent items!

Do you remember the empathy and discernment of our mothers? She judges the choices or liking of her children and

serves them accordingly. Jain Shikanji does just as it is. They are continually learning and adapting to their client’s preferences and whimsies. Lemon shikanji’s are not only savoring refreshments but a feeling of relaxation. It tantalizes our taste buds and delivers immense satisfaction.

Lemon Shikanji provides you zest with good health and a stimulating mood. As the individuals are becoming mindful

of the wellbeing impacts of additives, use of synthetic compounds, artificial sweeteners & colors; they are beginning

to pick more crude, natural, and organic drinks over chemical substances-based drinks.

Jain Shikanji not only offers you the taste but also takes good care of your robustness. They believe in the fact that

“healthy outside starts from inside”. Henceforth, the essence of lemon provides cancer-fighting benefits, aids in digestion, helps clear skin, prevents kidney stones, promotes weight loss, and what not? Surprising, isn’t it?

“Lovely weather let’s take a hike, try Jain Shikanji because they serve what you like.”So, what are you waiting for?

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