A Must Visit Place Jain Shikanji

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What comes to your mind after hearing our name, the most tempting refreshment in India loved by all age groups from kids to old age people. Jain Shikanji serves the best food and is totally worth spending your money. If you wanna give your family some quality time, do visit the Jain Shikanji, Modinagar the Original Jain Shikanji.

This place will give you a real taste of the richness of Indian foods. We all want food which will fulfill our taste buds desire, and are worth spending our money without any doubt. (Jain shikanji) is the perfect place for you to visit. Jain Shikanji is a Name which has enough recognition, and is a true brand of proving their Name worth.

What you look like when you want to have a tempting refreshment and good food. Its Originality, flavours, hygiene, service hospitality, money worth and all things can be served by Jain Shikanji under one roof only. So what’s stopping you? Hurry up and come to us to serve you the best.

Jain Shikanji originally started by serving the original taste of India’s favourite refreshment “Shikanji” in English known as Lemonade”. A really tangy, fulfilling, tempting flavour which really makes our tongue flatter.

Jain Shikanji is all people’s choice, a perfect place to enjoy alone, with friends and family too. A Original Jain Shikanji is one of the most famous name among Shikanji.

So next time when you pass by Modinagar give a shot to Jain Shikanji Modinagar and give up an opportunity to serve you and give you memorable moments for future

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