Become A Franchise With Us

Become A Franchise With Us

Jain Shikanji Pakoda

Why Franchise with Us

  • Less Fees for Franchisees

    Being a part of our Jain Shikanji Franchise Program ensures you pay the minimum fees required to have a business with us, so we grow and increase our profits together. Our Utmost Priority is to make our resources available to as many people and localities as possible rather than making money off our Franchise partners.

  • Focus On Quality (Centralized Team)

    Good Quality Control in the Overall Business process and food making, serving. Quality checks on Hygiene, Food & Beverage making processes.

  • Centralized Marketing Campaigns & Brand Promotion

    Using the name of our already established brand gives the benefit of getting customers from day 1 as Jain Shikanji is a very popular and recognizable name in itself.